Wen Xin, it's a deal, and the world is full of wonders


It's a deal, the world is full of wonders, and there are many bitches who want to be famous without learning or skill. At the graduation ceremony of Zhejiang University, a female college student knelt to send flowers to a nigger, which made Zhejiang University lose face.

Some people say that the prostitute of corrupt officials' family is ignorant and needs to find a nigger with strong explosive power. The problem is that you have humiliated Zhejiang University, humiliated all its alumni, and Zhejiang University. What have you taught in your education? Where are the dignity of the Chinese people?

There are all kinds of birds when Lin Zida grows up. Today's universities make people stunned. One after another, the coquettish girls are all on the hot search, from Zhang Wei of Sichuan University to the military dance of Tsinghua Peking University. Now there is such a moth in Zhejiang University, which is really ruined.

It's a deal. The world is full of wonders. The slut kneels and licks the nigger. The ancestors spent so much effort to make the people stand up, so you knelt back so easily. I really don't know what you have learned in Zhejiang University in recent years. It's not just a course to satisfy your desires.

Is there no man you value in China, or do you think that you are not worthy of it? If you go on like this, higher education will really be lost. Is this to raise such popularity in the world?

It's a word and a word, and the world is full of wonders. In the previous universities, every department was equipped with instructors, and every class had a head teacher. The students' ideological education work was well done, so that every student had ideals and ambitions, full of positive energy for home and country.

The problem is, honesty is lacking, morality is declining, and cheating is rampant. For the sake of money, desire, and worship of foreign things, many bitches wish they were hybrids, corrupt officials are a dime a dozen, and traitors and traitors are increasing.

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