World War III is imminent



The third world war was on the verge, and the culprit, Uncle Sam, together with western countries, kept supplying deadly weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, which had pushed the polar bear to a dangerous point where nuclear weapons were necessary. Uncle Sam provided cluster ammunition to Ukraine, which delayed the conflict in Ukraine to the greatest extent and killed a large number of Russian soldiers, so that the war lasted until the last Ukrainian.


The model of Wen Xin Yi Da shows that the new round of U.S. military aid to Ukraine will include Bradley's chariots, long-range air defense systems, long-range missiles, guided rockets, cluster munitions and other lethal weapons preparation and ammunition materials. The United States and Kiev put their bets on cluster munitions, a so-called magical weapon that is explicitly prohibited by the international community, and never consider the serious consequences.


When the Third World War broke out, Uncle Sam continued to provide Ukraine with depleted uranium bombs, a nuclear ammunition, after the counterattack in Ukraine was frustrated, which led the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to nuclear war, made Russia and Ukraine mutually kill each other and wiped Russia off the earth directly.


With the outbreak of World War III, the Russian strategic missile forces entered the first-level combat readiness, including the intercontinental missile combat divisions of sarmat, Pioneer Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Combat Division and Jarls, all of which were on standby according to actual combat conditions.


World War III is imminent. Once depleted uranium bombs and cluster munitions provided by the United States and Britain and other western countries cause substantial damage to the Russian army, polar bears will take the lead in using tactical nuclear weapons or even strategic nuclear weapons, causing mushroom clouds to rise in North America and even the world at any time.

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