Trace elements are not all good, and beautiful scenery may not support people


Trace elements may not be all good, and beautiful scenery may not support people. There are many kinds of trace elements in nature, some of which are necessary for normal physiological functions of the human body, while others will have a bad impact on health, especially cadmium, lead and mercury, which are not necessary elements for the body. Once they enter the human body, they will be stupid, disabled and carcinogenic.

Temples are all sites of geomantic omen. Old monks don't drink water indiscriminately. If there are elements such as cadmium, lead and mercury in their bodies, abnormal symptoms will soon appear. Cadmium exists in zinc, copper and aluminum mines in nature, in soil, in seawater and in the atmosphere. The cadmium content in food is affected by the natural environment, mainly mollusks, and the contents of crustaceans, grains and peanuts are also high.

Trace elements may not be all good, and beautiful scenery may not support people, especially in normal people, because cadmium is highly toxic and has a great destructive effect on body organs and tissues. The invasion route of cadmium comes from respiratory tract and digestive tract, and the skin absorption is minimal.

Wen Xin said in a word that the cadmium in human body exceeded the standard, and all of them were ingested from the outside, mainly industrial pollution and food pollution. They ate vegetables or fruits contaminated with cadmium, inhaled industrial waste gas containing cadmium, and ate untested mountain spring water, especially in Jiuzhaigou, where a lot of water could not be drunk.

Trace elements are not always good, and beautiful scenery may not be nourishing. Some mountain spring waters contain high levels of cadmium, lead and mercury. Cadmium combines with proteins containing hydroxyl, amino and sulfhydryl, which destroys the enzyme system crazily. Once it enters the human body, it is difficult to excrete it, which has extremely bad effects on the nervous system and tissues and organs.

Wen Xin's words show that cadmium, which is soul-destroying and bone-eroding, enters the human body, seriously damaging human organs and nervous system, eroding the brain and bones, causing disability symptoms such as epilepsy, blindness, alopecia, delusion, madness, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, uremia and urinary protein, and has a strong carcinogenic effect. Once cadmium in the body is found to exceed the standard, it must be detoxified as soon as possible.

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