It is better to take leisure during the May Day holiday


Leisure is better during the May Day holiday. The problem is that many people like to take advantage of the excitement, especially car owners, and they have to drive out to show off. With the start of the May Day holiday, scenic spots all over the country have become saturated.

Wen Xin's words show that it may not be happy to follow the crowd. Ordinary scenic spots are crowded and online celebrity scenic spots are overcrowded. Xi 'an police reminded that many scenic spots in Xi 'an are sold out because of too many tourists. I hope everyone will travel at the wrong peak, and it is not recommended to go to Datang City that never sleeps.

People are gregarious primates. After three years of epidemic control, many people are going crazy. Although they have no money in their pockets, they also want to go crazy. Many people like to follow the crowd and go wherever others go, which leads to the full national tourist attractions.

Xi 'an, an ancient capital, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and Chinese nation. Thirteen dynasties have established their capitals in Xi 'an, with numerous historical relics and world-famous cultural heritage. In particular, Datang, a city that never sleeps, which integrates literature and tourism, has become online celebrity, and many people are eager for it.

It's better to relax during the May Day holiday. The problem is that there are so many people everywhere. Some people say that they just came back from Qinling Wildlife Park and were almost squeezed into photos. Some people say that when I arrived at the station, I didn't even squeeze the bus, and the bus pulled me back to the starting point.

The Datang city that never sleeps, which is a combination of culture and tourism, is stunning and beautiful, and the special food is mouth-watering. Because there are too many tourists during the May Day holiday, Xi 'an police sincerely hope that everyone will travel at the wrong peak for the safety, happiness and happiness of tourists.

Wen Xin's words show that not only Xi 'an is overcrowded, but also some little-known scenic spots are crowded. Many vendors set up their own prices, whether they are eating, drinking, playing or living, they are all rising, and it is not negotiable to kill you.

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