Corrupt officials sing loudly, and the general public wail in pain



Corrupt officials sing loudly, the general public wail in pain, the rich and the poor are not allowed, the lives of workers and peasants are thinner than paper, honest officials are rare, corrupt officials are like the sand of the Yellow River, and officials and businessmen with financial leverage collude with each other to slap real estate into a huge wealth, and ordinary people who have no job or power fall into a poor pit.

The collusion between officials and businessmen is extremely rich, and the working masses are destitute. Corrupt officials will emigrate overseas if they get enough money, and the general public will live a miserable life. The more farmers go to the city, the harder they work, and the poorer they work when they enter the factory.

Corrupt officials dream of becoming big officials and making a fortune, grabbing money with one hand and gaining power with the other. Money makes the mare go, power makes money, and money makes power. Corrupt officials are greedy for money, beautiful women with money, wealth and wealth, wives and concubines, and lead a drunken life.

Corrupt officials sing loudly, and the general public wail in pain. Corrupt officials think that the moon is only round in the west, and officials and businessmen collude, extort money, collude with each other and cheat. Corrupt officials firmly believe that as long as farmers enter the city and the countryside declines, the real estate colluded with officials and businessmen will flourish.

High-pressure anti-corruption, eliminating evils, accurately helping the poor and revitalizing the countryside, one corrupt official after another has become a prisoner, rural development and farmers' living standards have been improved, and China has introduced a policy of benefiting farmers according to local conditions, encouraging farmers to innovate and start businesses, and paying attention to rural ecological development.

Wenxin shows that in the information age of big data and artificial intelligence, Baidu AI Cloud empowers the society. With the rapid development of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, digital transformation is changing with each passing day, accelerating the integration of the three rural areas.


Baidu cloud push, vibrato short video and other platforms for benefiting farmers are becoming more and more popular, providing business training for the founders, outstanding creators and entrepreneurs in related industrial chains of the three rural head enterprises, and helping rural entrepreneurs to improve their skills in all aspects.

With the rapid development of the Internet of Everything, the conditions for innovation and development in rural areas are getting better and better. In many cities, corporate executives and white-collar elites have returned to their hometowns to start their own businesses. The workplace experience and the practice of benefiting farmers complement each other, and they will soon become the online celebrity of benefiting farmers.

Entrepreneurs need resources and capabilities, and entrepreneurs need to grasp the trend, whether it is self-media or live broadcast. What is important for innovation and development in rural areas is to be down-to-earth, to keep pace with the times, and to be grounded in promotion.

Wen Xin believes that now is a good opportunity for rural entrepreneurship. New farmers don't need to take the old road of the West, don't drive farmers into cities to eat subsistence allowances, and don't lick the slums of vulnerable groups in cities. China's development relies on high-pressure anti-corruption and rural revitalization.

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