Lecturer team

Network-wide marketing: release courses and articles, PC+mobile synchronization helps lecturer brand;

Accurate matching: import requirements and take orders quickly and accurately;

Scheduling system and payment system: book courses in advance, and the third party will collect money in advance;

Training institutions

Lecturer big data: timely, authentic and transparent national excellent lecturer big data, one-stop procurement;

Affiliated institutions: video training to protect the interests of institutions;

Help enrollment: release information of open classes and help institutions publicize enrollment information;

enterprise profile

National teachers: elite, including all lecturers and training institutions in the country. Enterprises can purchase online;

Accurate matching: enterprises can publish requirements online, the system can match intelligently and push accurately;

Real-name information: according to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, all real-name registration system shall be adopted to ensure that the information of supply and demand is open, transparent and authentic;